Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 4

Re-think Your Kitchen

# BYOB—Bring your own (grocery) bags. If you need to buy some new ones, look for bags that are cotton or hemp. Or make bags of old T-shirts, cheesecloth or any leftover fabric.
# Avoid soda bottles by making your own carbonated drinks. There are plenty of carbonators available, add your favorite flavors and juices into the carbonated water and that’s it. Return your used carbon dioxide cartridges to a participating store that sells them.
# Make your own, rather than buy, packaged foods like yogurt, that come in plastic containers.
# Only use wooden or metal utensils to cook your food. Just as you don’t want to microwave plastic, holding a plastic spatula against a hot frying pan will leach plastic chemicals into your food.
# Get your java jolt from a French press. Coffee machines have a lot of plastic parts, such as the water reservoir and the filter cup. Most French presses, by contrast, have glass carafes and metal filters.
# Forgot to bring your bag to the store? Resist the temptation to use plastic ones, carry out your groceries by hand to your car.
# Well done. Treat yourself by ordering ice cream in a cone, while avoiding the styrofoam cup and plastic spoon.