Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 3

Re-think Your Bathroom

# Abstain from microbeads. Check the labels of exfoliating products like face scrubs and your toothpaste and make sure they don’t list ingredients like polyethylene and polypropylene.
# Make your own homemade nontoxic cleansers and exfoliators. (See: http://www.rodalewellness.com/living/diy-skin-care)
# Phase out phthalates: plasticizing chemicals are used to make scents, beauty products and personal care products stick to you longer. Avoid anything that lists “fragrance” or “perfume” on the label.
# Look for more sustainable toothbrushes that allow you to replace only the head. That way, you won’t have to throw away the entire plastic toothbrush when the head is worn out.
# Cut down on plastic bottles in the bathroom.
# Invest in a safer, reusable shower curtain. Replace vinyl ones with organic cotton or even hemp versions.
# Choose nontoxic bar soaps instead of bottled liquid soaps and body washes.