Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 2

Re-think Your Garbage

# Adopt a mindfulness practise to curb the urge to buy so much plastic stuff.
# Take your own reusable containers for takeout.
# Reuse any grocery or shopping bags you already have on hand as smaller wastebaskets.
# Empty smaller wastebaskets into a larger trash can so you don’t have to throw away the bag used to line the smaller basket.
# Do the work of a human trash compactor: Break down bulky cartons by pressing or stomping on them so you can fit more into each trash bag. That way, you use fewer plastic trash bags over time.
# Start making a conscious effort when making a purchase to look for products with the least amount of packaging.
# Compost waste. Keep yard and garden waste and compostable food waste out of your trash cans so you use drastically fewer big plastic garbage bags in a year.

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