Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 1

Re-think Your Food Storage

# Recycle worn, scratched and unused food and drink storage containers with a potential to leach chemicals into your food.
# Use less plastic cling wrap. Try out reusable wrap made of beeswax, and reusable glass containers with lids and unbleached waxed paper.
# Choose water bottles made of fullgrade steel without plastic liners, or glass bottles with silicone sleeves.
# Purchase the proper water filter if your water contains contaminants, and ditch water bottles for good.
# Do away with baggies. Turn to beeswax wraps or even compostable, unbleached paper sandwich and snack bags.
# Pledge to use safer, reusable food-storage containers
# Educate yourself, friends and family on the importance of avoiding “BPA-free” plastics, which many contain chemicals that are in the same class as toxic BPA and could actually be worse for you.

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