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Plastic Bags and Climate Change

Plastic Bags and climate change are linked in a variety of ways. From air quality to ocean toxicity, plastic bags contribute to eco-system disruption.

Habitat destruction, fossil fuel emissions, and plastic pollution are some of the ways that plastic bags and climate change cannot be separated. More…

Plastics Better Alternatives Now (BAN) List

The Plastics BAN (Better Alternatives Now) List, an initiative of four non-profit conservation organizations— The 5 Gyres Institute, Clean Production Action, Surfrider Foundation, and UPSTREAM— seeks to identify the world’s most dangerous plastics and readily-available alternatives. More…

Cleaning Up Delhi’s Dirty Air Using Jet Engines

Delhi in India is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The widespread use of festival fireworks, the burning of rubbish by the city’s poor, plus farm waste from around the city, vehicular emissions and construction dust, all contribute to the city’s thick fogs.

A team of researchers from the US, India and Singapore will be attempting some time next year to clean up the air around a coal-fired plant in Delhi. More…

Paper Cycling EcoHelmet Wins Dyson Award

A recyclable, folding cycling helmet made of paper has won this year’s prestigious international James Dyson Award.

Isis Shiffer, a recent graduate of the Pratt Institute of Design in New York, made the EcoHelmet from layers of recycled paper woven into a honeycomb-shaped structure. More…

Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 4

Re-think Your Kitchen

# BYOB—Bring your own (grocery) bags. If you need to buy some new ones, look for bags that are cotton or hemp. Or make bags of old T-shirts, cheesecloth or any leftover fabric.
# Avoid soda bottles by making your own carbonated drinks. There are plenty of carbonators available, add your favorite flavors and juices into the carbonated water and that’s it. More…

Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 3

Re-think Your Bathroom

# Abstain from microbeads. Check the labels of exfoliating products like face scrubs and your toothpaste and make sure they don’t list ingredients like polyethylene and polypropylene.
# Make your own homemade nontoxic cleansers and exfoliators. (See: More…

US and China Formally Join Paris Climate Pact

China and the US have formally ratified a historic climate change agreement drawn up in Paris to cut emissions and fight climate change. Speaking on the eve of the G20 summit in Hangzhou on Saturday, Mr Obama said: “History will judge today’s effort as pivotal.” The US and China are together responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. More…

Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 2

Re-think Your Garbage

# Adopt a mindfulness practise to curb the urge to buy so much plastic stuff.
# Take your own reusable containers for takeout.
# Reuse any grocery or shopping bags you already have on hand as smaller wastebaskets. More…

20 Hosehold Plants with Air Purifying Properties

Do you know that having plants around your home can help remove airborne contaminants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as reduce the chances of headaches, common cold, high blood pressure and allergies.

Here’s a list of plants with proven air quality improvement properties. More…

Ways You Can Live A Plastic-Free Life – Part 1

Re-think Your Food Storage

# Recycle worn, scratched and unused food and drink storage containers with a potential to leach chemicals into your food.
# Use less plastic cling wrap. Try out reusable wrap made of beeswax, and reusable glass containers with lids and unbleached waxed paper. More…